A Mission Statement

At Shin Ken Kai we are committed to training our bodies, minds, and spirits through the Art of Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship in the belief that the training will improve ourselves and our relationships with others.  We strive to do this through:

  • Wholehearted and attentive Iaido practice,
    • Acting honourably and with compassion,
    • Developing respect for each other, our Art, and the world around us.

Shin Ken Kai is a MUSO JIKIDEN EISHIN RYU and KATAYAMA HOKI RYU IAIDO {traditional Japanese swordsmanship} group with its home dojo in Vancouver, Canada. We are founding members of the Hakushinkai Kobudo Kyokai in Japan and follow their grading practices.

The essence of any Budo {Martial Art} and especially Iaido is the concept that the body, mind, spirit, and sword work together in harmony {Ken Shin Ichijyo}. Through Iaido practice you gain self-respect, courage, poise, and the ability to relax when facing difficult situations. You learn to concentrate your physical and mental power in a single effort in an easy and natural manner; being in the present moment while being aware of all around you.

Ken Shin Ichijyo

We practice under the leadership of Ken Maneker Sensei (Hachidan Kyoshi- 8th. Degree Master Teacher) and welcome anyone who is interested in Iaido whether you have studied before or you are looking to begin practice.

Shin Ken Kai Dojo is a registered non-profit society.  We are a part of Hakushinkai Kobudo Kyokai together with Hoki Kai in Japan and it’s member Japanese dojo.


Budo [武道] is the Way of the warrior.  Literally it means the way of holding back the sword or restraining conflict.  It is the physical and spiritual journey of men and women.  The important thing about pursuing any path is to follow where it leads and through following the path, to develop an ever-expanding awareness of the world and your place in it.  A Way is something you throw yourself into entirely.  What you believe in and how you live your life should be in harmony. You must bring into whatever Way you do practice, the essential feelings of immediacy, concentration, competence, joy, and heartfulness.

Iaido [居合道] is the traditional use of the Japanese sword.  It is a training process towards human perfection, not of murderous intent, but peaceful-minded.  The modern significance of Iai is peace and tranquility for human life.  Literally, Iaido means the way of adapting to a wide variety of situations.  Techniques are taken from battlefield situations.  Most of the practice is individual but we also study sets of two person forms.  Both schools we practice are approximately 500 years old.